Friday, August 19, 2011


                               Array is a collection of logically related variables of identical data types that share a common name. It is used to handle large number of data, without the need to declare many individual variables separately. The array elements are stored in contiguous memory locations. All the array elements must be either of simple data types like int, float etc. or they can be any user defined data type like structure and union.

Defining Arrays:

Arrays must be defined before it can be used to store information. Arrays are defined in the same manner as that of basic types expect that each array name must be associated with its size specification. The size specification specifies the maximum number of elements that can be stored in an array.

They usually represented as:
                                                data-type array-name [size];

For example: int marks [10];

All the array elements are stored in contiguous memory locations i.e. one after the one.

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